Ditch It With Dee

Ditch It With Dee is a series of programs designed to help you get your health back on track.

Are you allowing your doctor to dictate your health or are you taking total responsibility?

Most of us will be brutally honest here and say that the only time they think of their health is when something has gone wrong. And when something goes wrong the worry starts to set in and the only solution that comes to mind is to make an appointment to see your doctor.

Well you wouldn’t be too far off in doing the right thing here, after all it is the doctor’s area of expertise right? But what kind of a solution do you actually get when you spend those vital 10 minutes with your doctor? Or is the solution just to suppress the issue with the use of prescription drugs?

We are not saying do not ever visit your doctor to tend to your health concerns, in fact we encourage you to do just that. What we are saying is that there are other options that you can adopt alongside prescriptive drugs and in between seeing your GP to help you reverse the situation you have found yourself in and eventually decrease the dosage of medication.

These programs are about empowering you with the knowledge, instructions, resources and guidance to help place that very power in your own hands so that you have everything you need in order to improve your lifestyle step by step.

You DON’T have to live with your condition forever! Even if you don’t completely reverse it in the time that we spend together (some conditions may take up to a year depending on it’s severity), the least you will have learned is how to manage it better, what’s caused it in the first instance and being on your way to making lifestyle changes simply by taking small but effective steps. As well as offering knowledge, resources and guidance, what we offer is time and patience, something your doctor cannot offer on a weekly basis even as a private patient.

Our programs include :

    • Comprehensive report about your condition
    • Weekly virtual coaching
    • Dedicated members only web access
  • Supplements relevant to your condition

The Ditch It With Dee Programs :

Diabetes –  book now

Arthritis – coming soon

Thyroidism – coming soon

Cardiovascular – coming soon

You may also be interested in our flagship program weight loss program Transformation in 12 or if you’ve recently started attending the gym or intend to soon you can purchase your copy of the 4 day gym workout plan here

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