Ditch The Diabetes (Type 2)

Ditch The Diabetes is our 6 week programme to help you take control of, understand and maybe even eliminate your T2 Diabetic condition.

If you are tired of feeling like there is no one around for help and advice, if you feel like your doctor isn’t giving you the information you expect and deserve but the only thing he is doing is seeing you for 10 minutes, handing you a prescription and sending you on your merry way, then you have come to the right place.

You feel that taking prescriptive drugs or injections for the rest of your life is not the answer. Deep down in your gut something is telling you that there must be an alternative. Yes you may be given leaflets and pamphlets to read or referred to an association or advice clinic but still you’re no further forward.

This would naturally send you into a spiral of emotions and other subsequent conditions will start to develop such as depression and overall anxiety about your health.

If this sounds familiar then you need to understand that there is an alternative to taking drugs and ‘having to live’ with this condition for the rest of your life.

Don’t let the doctor dictate your health. This programme is about taking that power and placing it in your own hands by providing you with the tools, knowledge and resources you need.

You DON’T have to live with this condition forever because once you understand what’s actually causing it. You will know how to bring your blood sugar levels down to a healthy reading and keep it healthy!

Ditch The Diabetes will help you;

  • Understand T2 diabetes and pre-diabetes better
  • Know the signs and symptoms of diabetes
  • Acquire knowledge of what is actually causing the condition
  • Understand what’s missing from your diet
  • Know what to eat
  • Know what not to eat
  • Work out your exercise regime
  • Learn the myths around diabetes
  • Get quick and helpful tips
  • Lose weight as you learn
  • Feel more energised and confident
  • Ultimately take control of your body and your health

How It Works

Ditch The Diabetes is a 6 weekn online programme but it doesn’t stop there. What you learn and the habits you change during this period will be with you for life. This is your chance to make the change you have always promised yourself but have never put a foot forward to even begin to make a change or perhaps it was because you didn’t know you could.

With live weekly virtual coaching calls you will receive all the help, support and resources you need to get back on track with your health. Once enrolled you will immediately recieve an email with the course overview so you can see exactly what will be covered and when. If you are enrolling on A Day With Dee which is our one day programme in person with Health Coach Dee, you will recieve all your materials on the start date of your course.

A Day with Dee :                                         6 Week Programme :

4 hour intense one day coaching                               Weekly coaching sessions

Convenient Birmingham location                                Virtual coaching calls

Lunch provided                                                           Full diabetes supplement pack

Full handout and resources                                        Weekly resources


What You Can Expect From Us

With DTD you will be given the tools to really change your health. We provide you with a deeper understanding around your condition and how you can implement the changes easily. Week by week you will learn how to understand and implement small changes. So it’s a results driven programme without overwhelm, without stress and without difficulty. With DTD you will see a great transformation within your health and general wellbeing.


What We Expect From You

If you are serious about getting your health back on track and ditching this condition, all we require from you is serious COMMITMENT. Your willingness to commit to each and every session, each weekly exercise and a commitment to yourself is all that you need! This is the first day of your new life.  This is your health journey which is in your hands. You dictate your health and when you’re shown exactly how to do it, you will be amazed at your results.


“I followed Dee’s nutritional advice last year for a 12 week health and fitness challenge, and the weight just fell off me. Dee is very encouraging, full of good advice and, most importantly, a huge advocate of developing mental strength, so you can carry on once you have developed good habits. Thanks Dee!” – Sarah

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