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The  Path To Success workshops, accompanied by the book series of the same title begin a deeper understanding to students and what it means to be a lifelong learner.

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While there is truth in the fact that some things need to be taught there is even more evidence that learning needs to be experienced. Einstein himself said imagination is more important than knowledge. He was not implying that one does not need knowledge; he was indeed referring to the fact that knowledge remains dormant if one cannot use imagination to bring knowledge to life and that is the intention of this series of books.

This workshop series allows students to create their own Success journey by expanding their Learning experience with the Enthusiasm and Energy needed to fulfill their Purpose with Passion and Perseverance. Each of these workshops and books gives your students the key to open their imagination and expand the different aspects of being a lifelong learner.

Workshops and Books in the series

The Path To Success – In this workshop tudents find out how to create a successful study focused path to their academic goals. THEY will discover how their current patterns affect their education and will design an improved way of studying that maximises the use of their study time. It is a journey made up of many destinations. Success means something different to everyone and with so many interpretations of the word we will help you determine exactly what success means to you.

The Path To Learning –  This is not just about grades, high achieving or low attainment. It’s about the learning process and how we learn and how we can all get better at it. Students will learn how to learn effectively and take responsibility for their learning habits. This workshop puts students in full control of the quality and speed of their progress. 

The Path To Enthusiasm – Enthusiasm plays a big part in achieving academic goals. It’s hard to get enthusiastic about subjects you don’t like but understanding your goals makes things a lot easier. This workshop is a great way to help students unravel their limiting beliefs and increase their reach beyond of their comfort zone.

The Path To Energy – This is about taking the necessary action to maintain progress towards success. Managing the energy required for sustained mental wellbeing & physical health is determined by the foods we eat and the activities we do and that includes what think about. Thinking takes energy. We need to know how to manage our energy so we can use it efficiently and effectively to maximise our learning experience.

The Path To Purpose, Passion and Perseverance – Knowing why we do what we do and enjoying what we do even when it’s tough is what keeps you going despite the circumstances. The Path To Purpose Passion and Perseverance is the foundation to successfully achieving your goals. Our journey through life is much more than what we want to be when we grow up. It’s about the significance that purpose, passion and perseverance will have on shaping our lives.

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About the Author

Living life on purpose is what drives me. I am a strong believer in the fact that every encounter we have has a lesson built into it. If we can harness the learning and apply it to future interactions, growth is inevitable. Just like the common cold, it is scientifically impossible to catch the same cold twice. Life shows us that although the symptoms may resemble one another the lessons to be learned from each incident is unique. We are therefore successful when we allow ourselves to apply the learning with enthusiasm, on an energy level that is synchronous with our purpose. That is what leads us to persevere despite the odds and live a life of passion.

The inspiration for these books comes from my personal learning journey with the students I have had the privilege of working with. Understanding their needs, aspirations and helping them remove their roadblocks encouraged me to help even more students of all ages. Today I am delighted to say and say with gratitude that through OVP Coaching and partners, I am able to reach out to many more students through writing, speaking, coaching and mentoring.

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