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We are so proud to share this story with you. ‘M’ one of our private coaching teens had a great breakthrough. She was suffering from a severe bout of negativity. We worked through this low period issue by issue. Talk about turning that frown upside down. She now has an attitude of gratitude. She has transferred writing her thoughts in a gratitude book and keeping a gratitude stone in her pocket to creating a chain of gratitude. Each link has her gratitude for the day written on it. Every link added to the chain gives her a visual representation of just how much she has to be grateful for. Congratulations ‘M’.

Author, Coach, Speaker and Mentor, Olive Pellington has worked with schools throughout the UK and has had positive feedback from teachers, parents and students. You don’t have to take our word for it, take a look for yourself. Students have been keen to share their stories, thoughts and feedback, some have even volunteered to record their views about their experience.

I didn’t make it easy – Harvey’s Story
‘I felt like my school was ready to give up on me and kick me out and my family life was a mess. I was invited to participate in the life coaching program as their last attempt. The first time I met Olive, my life coach, I knew she could help me. I didn’t make things easy for her but she made it easy for me to see where I could turn things around. She helped me to clarify what I wanted from life, including my family and social relationships. This made me want to make a change for the better especially now that I had gained confidence in myself. I went from being an bad student to passing my GCSEs with B – A* grades. I’m now at 6th form and doing really well. If it wasn’t for life coaching, who knows where I would be’

My name is Jessica – I’m one of the students that you did your exam workshop. After the workshop i thanked you and you kindly took the time to speak to me. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you again. Your workshop today was brilliant, you are such a lovely person and gave off a very good and fun vibe. I felt as if you were just being your self and just being really interactive. Your workshop i feel is going to help me a lot for my future studies and I have honestly appreciated this a lot. I promise i will use all that i have learned.  Again thank  for everything – J

Hiding behind disability – Tilly’s Experience

As a GCSE student it was imperative that Tilly overcame her fears. She as well as the staff at her school thought she would fall short of the grades she was capable of due to her reservedness. Till had been so used to hiding behind her disability but had big dreams for her future. She admits that she often used it as a comfort blanket to hide her shyness and fear of the unknown. When the school gave her the opportunity to take part in life coaching she knew this was her chance to break free and be bold. Click below to hear her story

I got my life back – Charlie’s Story
I’d been having trouble with my so called friends. The cyber bullying was getting worse. After our coaching session I was ready to put an end to all of this and get my life back.

I was firm and explained to my bullies that I’d made my choice and wouldn’t take it anymore. They started shouting at me telling me that they would make things worse for me. I used some of the tools you taught me and I so felt so good walking away from all the drama.
I’m a lot happier now and I got 2 A*in my exams and a C in my French exam which I thought I was going to fail. All in all my grades turned out better than I could have expected.
Thank you for all your help I really appreciate it.

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