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Having come from a legal background after 15 years I decided to change course at the ripe old age of 35 into the health industry. Why? Because I know how important health is and wanted to help others. I re-trained as a massage therapist and helped many people with injuries, bad posture and general aches and pains.

I also had my own personal goals to get healthier, stronger and leaner. At first, I started jogging but having never done anything physical during my adult life I really struggled. I had no stamina and no real technique to help me get further than I did the day before. Still, I persevered and found myself running 5k on a regular basis. I was so chuffed! But running can be very lonely and so I joined a gym and started attending classes regularly. 

Six months in and I found that the classes were no longer challenging enough for me so I started to gain a feel for weight lifting. Well that was a complete game changer for me and the results were amazing. The transformation was quicker than I expected and I was hooked. I definitely looked leaner, more toned and felt much stronger.

It was during this period I started to look further into food and nutrition which impacted my body composition and leanness further, to the extent where people started to ask me for advice and so the journey to help others began with amazing results.

Learning about the human body has taught me so much over the years especially as a massage therapist and not to take our bodies for granted. Health is a major journey for us all and ought to be for life. I teach people how to make changes to their everyday habits and reach their health goals and desires. Don’t you find that the best coaches are the ones who have truly been through it all themselves?

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