Results or Excuses

As Sir Isaac Newton said for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. When it comes to the achievements and lessons in life the same applies. Victory comes after the battle. Celebration comes after overcoming difficulty. Rewards are given after the hard work is complete.

So you have to take the bitter in order to taste the sweet but when it comes to disappointments what do your students do? They can either 1) review the actions that got them the results they wanted in other situations and compare them to the actions they took in this situation or 2) they can choose to focus on the excuses that failed to get them the results they wanted to achieve.

If your students are using the ‘blame game’ and other excuses to feel better about their disappointments then you’ll want to enroll them on this workshop. Applying positive results driven actions to failure is the motivation students need to become confident, resilient self-leaders.

What You Can Expect

Our new workshop Results or Excuses gives your students the opportunity to explore how they learn according to their personality type and how they can improve their relationships with others in their learning environment. This DISC based course will not only leave your students feeling much more confident about their vocational and academic skills but it will also give them a road map, complete with milestones as to how they can achieve their desired goals.

What is DISC?

The DISC personality profile is widely used with business and employers are constantly looking for employees who will not only fit into their business but more importantly they are looking for leaders who will add value to the workplace. Using the personality profile at this stage of a students life will put them leaps ahead of their peers. They will be able to understand how they can improve in their studies, relationships and their attainment based on their personality types. By the end of the workshop your students will see how they can access the employability skills that will put them ahead of the game.

What Your Students Will Receive

Just as on any journey it is always best to assess the road worthiness of a vehicle and with this course your students will receive a full MOT on their thinking and problem solving skills. During the workshop each student will receive;

  • Full or Half day workshop
  • Exploratory student DISC assessment
  • Exploratory report based on assessment
  • Increased self-knowledge
  • Develop self leadership skills
  • Improve interpersonal skills
  • Learn strategies to become a better team player
  • Personal results workbook
  • Certificate of completion
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