Highlighters & Studying

There is a bit of a debate going on at the moment about highlighters. Are these colouful pens beneficial to studying and learning?

Are you a parent trying to help your kids through their exams? This podcast from the TES may put a definitive answer to the debate. Professor John Dunlosky says; “Students do a whole lot of things to prepare for their exams, some of which are good uses of their time and some of which are not”

Referring to the highlighter debate he explains the difference between time saving revision exercises and learning subject matter. To hear the full podcast go to https://bit.ly/2Sk5jt8h

If you would like to know more about revision techniques and study habits, The Path To Success is a great resource. This book is full of practical and personal planning, studying and relaxation exercises. It will get your little geniuses working toward their exams with a smile.

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