How much revision is enough?

I am often asked, how much revision is enough. The obvious answer; some is better than none. However, there is no magic number of hours or perfect answer to this question.

Every child is different. They learn at different rates and so the amount of revision will also differ. It is true that having an interest will make it easier to learn the subject. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that a good grade is guaranteed. Revision should be done for all subjects no matter the proficiency. That being said, you may want to consider the amount of time left to the exam. The difficulty of the subject and their level of confidence is key when deciding how much revision is needed.

For example an exam for a subject your child finds difficult and is furthest away may require regular substantial revision throughout the revision period. An easier exam furthest away may require regular short interval revision to maintain the high level of understanding your child has. It is not recommended that any subject be left out of the revision timetable. All subjects should be revised at some level until that particular exam has passed.

Being consistent with revision time is the most important thing. Varying the way your child studies will make things easier and more interesting. Helping them to find out why they want to do well will give them the motivation to get through the tough times. Planning a celebration for them and their friends when the exams are over will give them something to look forward to.

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