Mock Exams

Mock exams are looming for most teens in the UK. Over the next few weeks the majority of GCSE students will be slumped over a square table trying their best to complete a one or two hour paper. Is your teen prepared? I’ve spoken to many of teens who are about to take these exams and here are the top 3 answers;

A) “It’s just a fake paper so it doesn’t matter”

B) “This is a snapshot of where we are now so I want to know my results”

C) “I don’t like exams so let’s just get it over with”

Do any of these sound familiar to you? We are all different and each teen will have formed their own opinion based on past tests or exams. This experience will have shaped their reaction toward their final exams. So what can we do to help them? Well, first let’s take a look at each answer in a little more detail.

Camp A don’t value the mock exams much. They think these exams won’t count for anything so there is no need to put any effort in until the ‘real‘ exams begin.

Camp Cfear‘ exams. This probably stems from their dislike of being judged by teachers, friends, family etc. They are not focussed on ‘pass or fail‘, mock or real, they are focussed on having to take the exam. It’s the process of sitting the exam that bothers them.

Those in camp B have a more balanced view of the mock exams. They know these are not the official exams. However, they do see these exams as a great ‘dress rehearsal‘ for the real thing. Going through the whole process from start to end will allow them to manage their study time, gain greater control of their ‘nervousness’ and sit through a whole exam under exam conditions. No matter the result they now have a clear picture of where they are. They now know more than ever where their strengths and weaknesses lay. They have evidence to confirm what they are good at and where they need to make improvements.

Mock exams are not a waste of time. They are a great way to prepare yourself for the real thing. Support your teens throughout the next few weeks and into exam season in the summer term. Help them build a better, brighter picture of their final exams.

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