10 Tips For Better Sleep Part 2

There are many reasons why getting to sleep and then staying asleep is playing on your mind way before hitting the sack and much of it is down to lifestyle.

Stress is the biggest factor when it comes to sleepless nights and once that chattering mind starts it’s near impossible to switch it off.

What can I do?

A few small changes and cleaning up your sleep routine works wonders to gaining a better night’s sleep.

5) Go device free – This is probably the biggest cause of sleeplessness – our phones and gadgets! We are a nation addicted to our phones. Yes we need to stay in touch with the world around us but having some boundaries when it comes to tech is a healthy thing. The blue light blaring from these devices does us no good and tricks our brains into thinking it’s still day time and we should stay awake although on some of the newer devices you can turn this off. Oh and this includes digital clocks too!

6) Don’t point North – If your head is pointing to the North it’s time you changed the positioning of your bed.  Without getting too deep into this, magnetism pulls the blood towards your brain in this position. The last thing you want at night when trying to sleep is too much circulation in the brain. Your head pointing East is the most beneficial. South and West and anything in between is just as okay. If you are in the Southern Hemisphere then the opposite is true. You should not sleep with your head pointing to the South. Most smart phones have access to a compass which are very accurate or you can download a compass app.

7) You are mortal – Yes I stated the obvious…..don’t shoot me and do not underestimate this tip. How many of us end the day reminding ourselves that we are mortal beings? We ought to appreciate the last 24 hours we’ve just been through and begin look forward to the next 24 hours?

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