10 Tips For Better Sleep Part 3

I get it……sleep is one form of being in a restful state and is important. It’s maintenance time. It helps restore the mind, repair the body and rejuvenate our cells but it’s not the only way for our bodies to get the rest it needs. Just ask the monks who meditate for majority of the day and those who dedicate themselves to a spiritual way of life who sleep little or maybe not at all. Rest means to change the energy equation so consumption of energy is lowered. Sitting watching TV for 30 minutes is resting, right? But it’s definitely not the same as sleeping.

Ok I also get that we’re not monks and most of us don’t meditate for even 30 seconds let alone most of the day! So how then can we help ourselves get a better night’s sleep?

What can I do?

A few small changes and cleaning up your sleep routine works wonders to gaining a better night’s sleep.

8) Write it out – If your mind is still buzzing with thoughts and ideas a good tip is to write it all out before hitting that comfy pillow, so keep a pen and notebook nearby. You’ll be amazed how much lighter you feel when it’s out of mind and on paper. When you read back you wonder what the fuss was about as it seems somewhat trivial now or that the idea you had is actually a very good one to implement and wasn’t left to fizzle out between the bed sheets.

9) On your right – Try to sleep on your right side. This may well be contrary to the advice of professionals. Most will suggest sleeping on your back but that isn’t great if you have back issues, snore or suffer from sleep apnea etc. Sleeping on your right side takes the pressure off your back and also organs such as your stomach and heart. It may help to place a pillow between your legs.

10) Smile smile smile – Falling asleep with a smile on your face means you’ll wake with a smile on your face.

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