GCSE Dates for your diary

GCSEs are just around the corner. Have you got all the dates in the diary?

Schools will provide students with a schedule for all their exams so they can start revising. Do you know which subjects your child is doing for GCSE? Do you know which exam boards the school are using?

We’ve given you a link to the exam dates for each of the exam boards below. So you will know exactly what exam is happening on which date.

It is very useful for you as a parent to have this information. You will be able to support your child through exam season and understand the highs and the lows of their mood swings. It also means you will be able to help them prepare for each exam.

In my book The Path To Success you will find many practical tips on how to; schedule revision, revision techniques and cope with exam stress. Better to be proactive than reactive isn’t it? You can get your copy of the book by clicking the button or go to https://amzn.to/2Eo2jby.

Now for that list we promised you. Here you will find the exam dates for each subject for the 5 UK exam boards.

Exam BoardLink

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