Growth Environment

Your growth is proportional to that of the majority of those you surround yourself with. Ever heard that before?

Parents around the world have all at some point had an influence on how we choose our friends and who those friends are. For example nowadays it is common for small children to have ‘play dates’ arranged by the parents. This definitely sets the children in good standing for building relationships with other children but it also has an impact on who they go on to choose as friends. This is neither a good or a bad thing as eventually we figure out which groups we enjoy being around and which groups are more likely to reject us.

In my new book The Path To Learning I talk about how we can choose the right people for our growth environment. These aren’t necessarily your friends but people who have the freedom and intimacy to help you through your times. Why? because these times of growth can be painful and need momentum in order for you to benefit from that.

Who do you spend the majority of your time with? How are they contributing to your growth environment?

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