Is there a Natural Solution to Osteoarthritis?

For many years, medical professionals have prescribed anti-inflammatory medications to patients suffering from osteoarthritis. Arthritis, in any form, can be extremely painful and debilitating; leaving those who suffer from it with no choice but to take whatever medication is prescribed to them. Fortunately, a new study recently found that chondroitin sulfate could be equally, if not better, at supporting joint health and delaying the progression of osteoarthritis than leading anti-inflammatory drugs.

The most common form of arthritis worldwide is osteoarthritis. In America alone, there are approximately 27 million individuals – of all ages – affected by osteoarthritis. It’s a degenerative joint disease in which cartilage around the joints breaks down and can cause mild to extreme pain and swelling around the joints. It most commonly occurs in the knees, hips, hands and often becomes worse over time; especially if left untreated. When joint pain and stiffness worsens, daily activities and movements become difficult and can be unbearable. Although there is no cure for osteoarthritis, there are treatments that can help alleviate the pain and slow the process.

Aside from anti-inflammatory medications that often come with unwanted side-effects, there is now compelling research that shows chondroitin sulfate has the same ability as celecoxib, a popular anti-inflammatory drug, for the improvement of pain and mobility in knee osteoarthritis. The double-blind, randomized study recruited 194 people suffering from knee osteoarthritis who were either given 1,200 mg per day of chondroitin sulfate or 200 mg per day of celecoxib. The results, which were presented at the Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Rheumatology, were compelling. Not only was chondroitin sulfate equally as effective at managing pain, function and stiffness, but results also showed that it actually helped slow the progression of osteoarthritis.

Many of us either know someone or are ourselves suffering from bone and joint problems. Due to the physical pain caused by these types of illnesses, it’s extremely important to naturally help improve symptoms before they worsen and/or become debilitating. Youngevity’s Gluco-Gel Plus™ combines 2,000 mg of Glucosamine with 1,200 mg of Chondroitin to help support healthy bones and joints naturally. When combined with the essential 90 essential nutrients, Gluco-Gel Plus™ could be extremely beneficial to those suffering from bone and joint health problems in addition to supporting a long, healthy life.

Remember, take care of your bones and joints naturally… prevention is the key!

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Written by Rocio Ramos
Fitness Instructor


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