Health is Paramount

In this day and age everyone is looking for more time or better health but it is even more important for our families to communicate.  I will address time as most of us today with busy schedules feel that time slips away from us.  I say it is not a lack of time but rather an issue of poor time management.

Making a list of priorities and goals for the day week and month is a good place to start.  Prioritise your list, update it daily and make sure it is not just a list in your head but written down on paper.  When the pressure is on and we have a playbook of priorities to check off, time has less chance of slipping away from us.  When we can sit down with our child and do our lists together and have frank discussions it creates a bond and a sense of accountability.

Managing our time correctly will reduce stress. Reduced stress will lead to better communication. Improving our mental and physical well-being is important. In fact, health is paramount in our lives as without it our function is limited.

The soils in which most of our fruits and vegetables are grown is 90% depleted of any nutritional value so, we must supplement.  Our bodies require no less than 90 essential nutrients in order to operate at optimum levels.  What we ingest into our bodies will bare the results we receive.  Each nutrient we are deficient in, opens the way for up to no less than 10 nutrient deficient diseases.

We expect our children to have more energy, retain more information and be the best they can be, but are we giving them the necessary tools for success?

When we communicate more as a family unit we will see the power of loving on one another and unveil passions we never could of realised.  It is not about what we want for our children but rather what they want for themselves. Parents instil values and morals but when coupled with love and communication our true passions are released.

Written by guest blogger – Senior Executive Marketing Director Tim Harron

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