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When thinking about your school experience are you filled with joy or chills?

We can all remember our favourite teachers and our favourite subjects. With just as much, if not more emotion, we recall and retell the stories of our least favourite teachers and subjects in great detail. The conversation about mathematics separates parents into two distinct camps. They either love it or avoid it as much as they can.

Whichever camp you find yourself in, maths is a subject that you cannot avoid. Your child will have to complete maths homework, projects and exams. So, how can you help your child improve their maths skills and more importantly how can you and your child enjoy the subject?

Meet Grace Olugbodi. She helps children and their parents fall in love with mathematics.

Grace, has received two National women’s awards, has been featured on numerous local media sites, and has appeared in FSB, Women online magazine. She has also appeared on NBC, FOX, ABC, and CBS News.

Being a volunteer and member of the Sir John Cass Foundation, Grace helped many school children through creative methods, to improve their numerical skills and increase confidence in the subject. The feedback she received, after only a few months was remarkable.

This experience revealed just how big a problem maths was to young students, especially those between the ages of 6 and 14. Grace’s school experience was much different to those children she worked with. She says, ‘with my dad’s encouragement I was able to do well at maths. At the age of 10 I won the end of year school prize which gave me a great sense of confidence and belief in myself. Due to this I had offers coming my way that I would never had gotten if I hadn’t been good at maths’

Grace goes on to say ‘During my experience with the foundation, I found that maths was seen as a fearful subject, which children were developing an allergy to. This wasn’t helped by the reaction of parents who reinforced the deep dislike of the subject.’

Having witnessed the shortcomings of maths in school, Grace made it her mission to turn maths into a fun filled yet challenging experience. She literally turned maths into a game. She invented Race to Infinity!

Race to Infinity!, is a game that helps children and adults fall in love with maths. Through uniquely creative, fun and strategic methods, this board game makes maths more accessible through social play. There are a number of amazing tricks that simplify the subject and make maths problems easy to solve.

This game, gives children a reason to feel good about maths. They become more confident in their knowledge and believe they can do it. Grace says ‘the feeling of defeat is long gone when kids play this game’ she continues ‘Our board game is different to other games out there because it includes many easy to follow methods that reinforce what is being taught in schools and so, educates as well as providing entertainment

Race to Infinity! is very unique in that it is extensible and scalable. It can be made easier or more challenging, depending on your child’s age and or ability. To find out more and purchase your family game, click the button below.


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