What Is Wealth?

What is wealth? Ask this question and more often than not you will get the answer ‘being wealthy means you have lots of money’

Wealth is more than having money. Having lots of money doesn’t make you rich in all areas of your life. Being wealthy is all about turning expectations into appreciation.

Instead of expecting people to be a certain way, start appreciating them for who they are.

People will continuously fall short of your expectations if you hold them to standards they did not set. Your standards are not their standards. Expecting people to live up to your standards will leave you feeling disappointed and frustrated.

These lower level emotions do not need to occur as often as they do. Learning to appreciate the magic moments you have when interacting with others, will change your outlook on relationships. You will be able to enjoy your experiences and interactions rather than anticipating a let down.

Magic moments, occur when you can see the beauty in each situation you are in, no matter what label you use. It could be a conversation, a job interview, the birth of a child or simply waking up to live another day. The magic happens when you learn to appreciate the gift.

Appreciate others for who they are and you will be wealthy. Yes, that also includes money but, it is not exclusive to money. The money will flow to you when you are able to appreciate your gifts in life. Helping people to help you makes all the difference.

Be the change foundation does exactly that. The Be the change foundation helps you to help others by providing top quality products such as, skin care, health care, beverages and jewellery.

Buying these products gives this charity the money it needs to help those in need all around the world. From community project to worldwide organisations Be the change foundation has participated in many projects including; The Wounded Warrior project, Make a Wish Foundation, The Red Cross and My Story Matters.

You can purchase the Be the change foundation products by clicking below. Enhance your world and improve the lives of others. Be the change, spread the wealth!

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