Study Buddy – Friend or Foe?

Having a study buddy can make revising for exams much less daunting. But what are the attributes that make a good study buddy?

Having a supportive group of people around during exam time can ease the pressure but there has to be a balance between work, comfort and enjoyment. An overload on any of these will not bring about the desired outcome. Having someone to help you to stay accountable for achieving your goal is key.

An article published by the TES says; We need to encourage our students to think great thoughts for themselves, to find their own paths through the mountains of notes they have accumulated. Only then will they discover the difference between cramming and learning. To read the full article go to

This is something that is discussed in the book The Path To Success. It looks at the best attributes for a study buddy and gives practical examples of how you can hold yourself accountable. So a study buddy should be someone you get along with but shouldn’t be a best friend who will allow you to drift away from your goals. Take a look at your friendship circles. Who do you think would make a great study buddy?

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