Exam Support for parents

Parents; are your children going through their exams this year? Finding it hard to keep on top of things? You should join our Facebook group – The Path To Success

We are a community of educational professionals, parents, carers and adults interested in propelling youth forward to fulfilling their full potential. This group has been formed as a base to support adults looking to use The Path To… book series with their children.

You can get the books from Amazon using this link https://amzn.to/2Eo2jby
This set of books has been created specifically to help students have a more positive educational experience throughout their exams. This is a series of five books and includes;
The Path To Success
The Path To Learning 
The Path To Energy
The Path To Enthusiasm 
The Path To Purpose, Passion and Perseverance

This is a group about helping the youth of today, improving self esteem and understanding how we as adults can help them to achieve more. So join us and help us to help you.

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