Turning Dreams into Reality

This is the story of an incredible student. This student really inspires us to do more with our lives.Everyone has a dream. We all had a burning desire to live out that dream one day. Somehow, our life experiences and downfalls took over and the majority of us let that dream slip away and only allow it to resurface as a memory.

Well, one young student, who we will call Shelly, is determined not to let that happen. As difficult as it is, this teen has decided to put in the effort, manage her time, find mentors and create an income to achieve her goal of becoming a forensic scientist. At 15 years old most students are just getting used to the idea of taking their GCSEs. However, Shelly is so dedicated to her dream that she has already managed to gain a place on her chosen A-level courses whilst completing her GCSEs. That means she will be sitting her A-level and GCSE exams at the same time, increasing the possibility of starting University earlier than the rest of her peers.

How is this possible? Shelly spends time before and after school discussing her interests with her teachers. Break time and lunch is spent with friends. After school hours are split between studying and paid work. Believe it or not Shelly still has plenty of time at the weekend to socialise with a wide variety of friends. When asked how she is able to do this, she revealed to us that the most important factor is creating and managing a schedule. This ensures that she has the right balance between studying, working and socialising and it has played a huge part in her success.

Shelly’s part time job has given her the freedom to spend, invest and save the way she wants to. Instead of relying on pocket money she is able to use her own cash to buy high level text books and reference books that are not available at school, pay for meals when socialising with friends and is able to set some money aside for her university fund.

Her passion for learning and her interest in forensic science has inspired her teachers to do all they can to help. She now has access to several mentors who work in the industry and has successfully secured a work experience placement with a specialist forensics company.

This really is a story of passion and determination. Shelly is prepared to do what it takes to live her dream. How about you?

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