Who Is Responsible For Educating Your Child?

All children between the ages of 5 and 18 have to go to school, but whose job is it to educate your child?

According to Pope Francis the job of educating children should include the contribution of parents. He says the role of educator has been usurped by so called experts who take away the responsibility of correction and education from the parents.

In his address in May 2015 the pope had this to say; “In our days the educational partnership is in crisis. It’s broken. On one part there are tensions and distrust between parents and educators; on the other part, there are more and more ‘experts’ who pretend to occupy the role of parents, who are relegated to second place

He also went on to say, educating and raising children, with human values will produce a healthier society, which is the responsibility of each family and its members.

Pope Francis is not asking parents to become experts in school subjects and curriculum. What he is saying is that social valuesmoral standard and personal health and well-being are areas in which parents should be responsible for teaching their children. These are areas in which education begins before schooling starts and continues after class.

Things have changed. Parents shouldn’t exclude themselves from the education of their children…The relationship between family and school ought to be harmonious.” says the Pope

Spending time with your child, helping them with their school work, having conversations during meal times and scheduling family time, will have a positive affect on your child’s education, both academic and social. During these periods, you will be able to understand different situations through their experience. This gives you the chance to become the educator, filling in the gaps and giving them the guidance they often feel reluctant to ask for.

Educational gaps in a child’s knowledge need to be filled. If it is not filled by you, as a parent, it will be filled by another. Are you willing to allow that gap to be filled by the unknown or would you rather take the responsibility to assist your child with the information they receive?

At OVP Coaching we assist both parent and child to experience their full potential. Education is not a classroom activity, it’s a gateway to life experiences.

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