2019 Resolutions or Goals?

The New Year has arrived. We’ve spent time with friends and family reflecting on the events of the past twelve months; some good, some not so good and others forgotten or added to the hall of unforgettable moments. Most of us will then have made a promise in front of others as our witness. We make a New Year resolution.

However, we are very successful at setting new records for breaking these promises. Why? because we make these promises without conviction, we make no plans for achieving these promises. What are some of the most common resolutions?

We make these promises because they are things we want to do. We know they are good things to pursue but we have made no plans to achieve them. So, how do we get what we want? How can we prevent ourselves from giving up before we’ve truly begun?

In my new book The Path To Success I show you that it is possible to do if you set successful goals, meaning you set unlimited chronological courageous and empowering sequenced steps for ultimate leadership. By doing this, you will be able to keep going no matter if you are successful or have what we call a learning experience.

Over the coming weeks we will outline the steps you need to take to turn your resolutions into achievable successful goals. If you truly want to set a new record for keeping your resolution this year, come back here every week. Be prepared to complete the exercises and be ready to take action as outlined in the book.

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