Are You Bragging or Complaining?

Are you bragging or are you complaining?  Each and every one of us is born with one life to live.  This life is ours to do with as we see fit.  Regardless of our religious affiliations or personal beliefs we’re given one opportunity to take advantage of this gift called life. The onus is on the individual and nobody else.

In this day in age of social media the question of bragging or complaining is more prevalent than ever before.  How many times do we see others and how many times do we catch ourselves talking about something that we as individuals have the ability to change?  I dare to say this is a daily event.

We can chose to say nothing or not to act.  We can chose to look for a solution to the problem or be part and parcel to the problem itself.  There is a solution for all we do and for all we seek.  Negativity and despair equate to a virus.  The more we speak of the problem and the more we allow them to enter our lives the easier it is for the slow process of erosion to take form.

When we catch ourselves or others going down this path the question is: Are you bragging or are you complaining?  Don’t allow the negativity and despair to creep into your life whether from outside forces or from within.  There is always a solution to the problem.

The power of being positive is enhanced through intelligence.   Look at every possible solution to your quandary.  The time you take listening to others or indeed ourselves, brag or complain , the more time is ticking away from what we are blessed with – life.  Ladies and gentlemen that time cannot be returned.  So, ask yourself, are you bragging or are you complaining?

Written by guest blogger:

Tim Harron – The Good and The Bad

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