Is Swelling a Warning Sign?

Do you remember the song ‘Dem Bones’? the song about everything in the body being connected? Although we learned and sang that song when we were young, I am sure that like me, as you got older you realised just how true those words were.

The song gave us an overview of the skeletal system. Therefore it is no mystery that if trauma affects one part of the system it will have an impact on the rest of the system. The natural thing for the system to do is to have the stronger areas compensate for the weaker areas. This in turn will cause increased stress to the compensating area leading to additional problems in the long term.

Just as all our bones are connected so are our other systems. Swelling in the body, for example, occurs for many different reasons. However, the main cause is fluid accumulation in the tissue. This is commonly seen in areas of infection, disease or injury. As the body does what it does best, i.e. tries to repair itself, the swelling in these areas will usually decrease over time but on occasion the swelling can linger and become very painful.

The most common causes of fluid accumulation which takes longer to decrease is most likely an indication of liver, heart or kidney concerns.

Heart disease and heart related illness do not occur overnight. There are warning signs which may have been overlooked over time as these indications are not seen as serious. For example gaining weight, swollen ankles and tender calves, are usually associated with poor diet, less than ideal working conditions and poor choice of footwear. They may however, be an early indicator that the rate at which the blood is circulating around the body and back to the heart, is becoming less efficient and therefore has more time to accumulate in areas such as the feet, ankles and legs. This action prevents the kidneys from doing their job which causes a decrease in phosphorus levels. Phosphorus is an essential mineral that is needed by the body to maintain the amount of calcium the body needs to maintain strong bones and teeth.

Improving your circulation and kidney function will reduce swelling and abdominal pain. Most medical professionals will prescribe different drugs to manage pain and swelling but do not treat the illness. Alternative health professionals, such as naturopaths, advise and recommend treating the cause of the illness rather than the symptoms. By improving your knowledge, diet and stress levels you can improve your health without having to worry about side effects and nasty toxins.

Decreasing your stress levels through meditation and gentle exercise will improve your circulation. Improving your diet and increasing your supplement intake will ensure your body is supplied with all the nutrients it needs to maintain health and repair itself. These new habits will most definitely contribute to a healthier, happier you and could even lead to a wealthier you.

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