Are you feeling the winter blues?

Are you feeling the winter blues?

Day to day life can feel like walking uphill on a treadmill. There are many ways to pick yourself up and feel more positive about your daily activities but for some, the thought of climbing out of the drudgery they are in, seems way too much of a burden.

To quote Ron Carpenter Jr ‘It’s not the thought that comes and goes that’s a problem. It’s the thought that comes and stays!’

You can control what you want to focus on. Deepak Chopra puts it this way, ‘Whatever you want, give it. If you want more peace in your life, learn to bring peace to others. If you want more love, learn to love others’.

Therefore, if you want more money…well, there you go. How can you give money away if your are broke? Charity is one way to give money. There are things you would not hesitate to buy for yourself even when you are broke, so why not give back to those in need as you do it. We have shown you how to do that in our earlier blog ‘What Is Wealth?

In summary;

  1. Take care of what you think about
  2. Give what you would like more of
  3. Be charitable to others

So instead of hanging on to the winter blues, look forward to an awesome year ahead. In my new book The Path To Success I help you make that transition into a brighter tomorrow.

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