Coaching messages – Charlie’s Story

There are a lot of people who have never experienced life coaching and even more who are very sceptical about it. Life coaching works for anyone who wants to remap their life, improve their relationships and make things better for themselves and their families. We’d like to bring more awareness to this and challenge you on your ideas about coaching especially for teens by sharing a few of their stories with you.

Charlie’s Story

‘I’d been having trouble with my so-called friends. The cyberbullying was getting worse. After our coaching session, I was ready to put an end to all of this and get my life back.

I was firm and explained to my bullies that I’d made my choice and wouldn’t take it anymore. They started shouting at me telling me that they would make things worse for me. I used some of the tools you taught me and I so felt so good walking away from all the drama.

I’m a lot happier now and I got 2 A*in my exams and a C in my French exam which I thought I was going to fail. All in all my grades turned out better than I could have expected. Thank you for all your help I really appreciate it.’

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