Coaching messages – Harvey’s Story

There are a lot people who have never experienced life coaching and even more who are very skeptical about what a life coach can do. We’d like to bring more awareness to this and challenge you on your ideas about coaching especially for teens by sharing a few of their stories with you.

Harvey’s Story

‘I felt like my school was ready to give up on me and kick me out and my family life was a mess. I was invited to participate in the life coaching program as their last attempt. The first time I met Olive, my life coach, I knew she could help me. I didn’t make things easy for her but she made it easy for me to see where I could turn things around. She helped me to clarify what I wanted from life, including my family and social relationships. This made me want to make a change for the better especially now that I had gained confidence in myself. I went from being an bad student to passing my GCSEs with B – A* grades. I’m now at 6th form and doing really well. If it wasn’t for life coaching, who knows where I’d be’

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