Create New Memories

Most memories have a habit of throwing us back to a time of lament. What if you could create new memories that thrust you into a brighter tomorrow?

Five years ago I was on the east coast of America, New England, Massachusetts to be precise. I was spending time with a dear friend of mine. I was completely unaware that this would be the last time we would see each other.

We had spent just over a week exploring the delights of the fall season as we had done for the past 10 years. I have always liked coming back to New England at this time of year. Seeing the colours of the trees; the different shades of orange the fading green and emerging brown tones somehow filled my soul with joy. All year round I would look forward to being with my friend; driving around the country lanes taking in the scenery.

Back then I would have sworn that there was nowhere else in the world like it. Now five years later, I find myself longing to go back; knowing that it would be a different experience as I am unable to explore these delights with my friend.

New Memories

However, on my journey through the motorways of England on a mystical overcast day where the sun peeks through the small apertures in the clouds, reflecting off and transmitting through the leaves on the trees, I realised that all the complaining we’ve done about the UK weather so far this year, has transformed the landscape into a beautiful tapestry. A tapestry of familiar yet much more vibrant images of my past.

As I observed the banks of the motorways spanning from the west coast of Dorset into the Midlands I was greeted by blushing pinks, burnt oranges and soothing shades of sage. The leaves had turned, the leaves were turning, the leaves were waiting for their turn. This was a perfect day to see the trees in their different stages of the hibernation process.

Driving at the national speed limit, it was almost as if the trees were bowing to gain my attention. With such colours being thrown my way, there was no need. Their colours had already captured my heart. They made me feel joy. Moreover, they created a new memory within my soul and I now know I do not have to travel 3000 miles to experience the love, the joy and the sights that I once knew. I now have all these things in my back yard and I am able to experience them alone.

It is amazing just how quickly we can dispel the things around us. In my new book The Path To Enthusiasm, I show you how easy it is to take time out and open yourself up to the usual. You will see that what you once found humdrum and boring, the things that you would have readily ignored, are actually extraordinary, beautiful, unique, invigorating and inspiring.

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