What a difference a SOAK makes

What a difference a soak makes. Thirty minutes in the bath, immersed in music or surrounded by uninterrupted thought can re-energise you, lift your spirits and allow you to make clear decisions

‘Impossible’ I hear you say ‘Ludicrous mumbo jumbo’ ‘Where am I supposed to find time to do that?’ you spit. Well, the answer is…you know. You know it is possible but don’t know how to get it. You are the only one who can take the responsibility to find the time, make the impossible possible and rekindle the magic you once had in your life.

It is written ‘As a man thinketh in his heart so is he’  This aphorism applies to women too and explains why we are the way we are. Our thoughts bring about our actions; our actions are therefore a reflection of our thoughts and so our innermost thoughts are the seed of our outward behaviour.

So if you think you’re too busy to enjoy life, you are – stay miserable. If you think it’s impossible for you to be happy, it is – go find others who want to feel as down trodden as you do. If you think you don’t deserve to shine, fine stay in the dark and stop wasting time complaining about the way things are.

However, if for some bizarre reason, you want to live your dream, receive the life you want to live and become a better you contact OVP Coaching and let us help you get there. Come SOAK with us, we’ll help you Straighten Out All your Kinks.

SOAK is our latest personal development course that gives you a different way of looking at your life. You will regain the ability to manage your time, emotions, set goals and design a brighter future. Dare to dream to live your dream.

Contact us today to arrange your start date.


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