What will you give your Teens this Christmas?

Have you thought about what you will give your teens this Christmas? You will most probably write or may have already written a list of all the things you’ve heard them talk about over the past few months. Or maybe they have written the list for you. How about giving them something extraordinary, something that shows you care and that you are happy to let them create their own future.


Personal coaching has more impact and lasts longer than your run of the mill gifts. What’s more, they will sincerely thank you for it. Click below to purchase the perfect gift for your teen.

I am giving away an introductory coaching session with me for your teen for the exceptionally low price of £30. This is an awesome offer as I only work with students on a minimum of six sessions at a much higher rate.

What’s more your teen will also qualify for a place on our group coaching sessions. This is a unique and exclusive offer specially put together for those in the 3 days to Cash workshop. It was so successful that I have decided to open another 25 spaces on a first come first serve basis. Your teen will get to work with me personally in an exclusive group of achievers. My time is limited so I can only offer 25 places. Don’t miss out. Pick up the best Christmas gift ever by clicking the button below.

Don’t have teens of your own? Then purchase a session for a teen you know. Better still be a secret Santa this year. Buy a personal coaching session for a teen you know who could really use some help. Christmas is a time of giving. Be a giver, be part of something bigger and help a teen change their outlook on life, give them the opportunity to make their dreams a reality.

What’s covered during the session?

These online personal coaching sessions are fun and practical. They provide a realistic approach to creating solutions to current areas of improvement. They will help you obtain the vitality needed to live your life on purpose. Topics include but are not limited to

    • Self Esteem
    • Time management
    • Stress
    • Exam preparation
    • Exam pressure
    • Finding your purpose
    • Anxiety
    • Resilience


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