It’s Not Too Late!

By now, your child has probably tucked themselves away in a room and is studying hard for their exams. Some may call this study overload but, if done in the correct way, this can bring amazing results. Although there may only be a few weeks left till the final exam, there is still plenty of time to review the game plan. It’s not too late to ramp up the revision and get results.

OVP Coaching has published a very simple guide to help you to assist your children on their path to success throughout exam season. Rather than hearing us tell you what the book is about, here are just a few reviews from parents, adults and children who have actually read it and have used the practical examples in it.

“This is a fantastic resource for adults and a handbook to live by for any young persons serious about achievement… You couldn’t guess from the product description, the number and type of strategies contained within this book. It should be used by both adults and young people to help to you feel good and reach personal potentials. There are easy fun to make energy boosting recipes and daily exercises to boost the circulation; furthermore you will see essential goal setting guides. Personal development is approached from every angle in this comprehensive guide. The author, Olive Pellington, knows what she is talking about” – DC, Suffolk


“This is a great book full of practical advice, and something you or your children can learn from. I especially liked the goal setting worksheets at the end, which were very practical and motivational. (Tip – If you have a teen of your own, there’s a great offer from the author at the end of the book!)” – CS, Dorset

“Thank you for helping me manage my stress” – SophieR, Yr10

“I now have a plan for my revision that I can actually work with and not feel pressured by the thought of exams. Thanks OVP Coaching” – Carl, Yr11

An easy to read book – LW, South West

“Great book with so many insights as to how children develop. A great read and eye opening as some of the things make you question the way you as an adult behave too” – JP Jr, Midlands

“This book made me think about how I am currently using my time and if I really want to achieve my goals I need to work towards them and not just hope that they will come to me. Thanks OVP Coaching for helping me see that” – Harry, Yr11

“A must read for every parent. Well written with lots of tips, not only for your child/children but for adults too. Would highly recommend!” – SN, London


So, if you want to be a more proactive parent and have a positive impact on your child’s learning, if you want to be an effective parent and improve your child’s chances of getting great exam results by putting a plan in place and preparing now you need this book.

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