Past, Present, Future

Are you your experiences or are your experiences a part of who you are?

Most people tend to hold on to past experiences and pull them into their present as they go into their future. They are living their lives in the rear view mirror. Even though they may exchange old characters for new, the storyline is still the same.

Some people live a life based entirely on their future.They are organised, goal oriented and aspiring achievers. They tend to forget about the lessons they learned through experience and don’t have time to notice the smaller significant opportunities in the here and now.

However, there are those who live in the present, not worrying about tomorrow as long as there is enough for today. Yesterday was yesterday and today they can start anew.

So, which of these ways of living is the best way to live?

My answer is none of them. On their own, they do not serve our greater purpose. Life is like an ocean, broad and deep. In order for us to be fulfilled we need a little of all three ways of living in our own unique balance. That is what keeps us moving forward in a way that works for us and serves us. As the saying goes, the past is where you learn the lesson, the future is where you apply your learning, so don’t give up in the middle.

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