Some People Come into our Lives for a Season

Seasons are a natural part of life. Nature has four seasons but we have many. Some seasons are longer than others and some shorter than we’d like. Whether it is a season of growth, pain or joy, we need to understand how to use these times for our benefit.

Throughout The Path To… book series I talk about the season we all go through and how to view these losses as gains. Here’s an extract from the book The Path To Enthusiasm:

It may sound cold but your life gets an upgrade when you allow the natural ebb and flow of friends. Trees shed their leaves in the autumn and every year they grow. You are not a tree but the principle is the same. You are growing in every way especially in your life journey. If you forced yourself to stay with the same friends and refused to let others in you would most certainly make no progress.

Some people are meant to stay with you on your journey. Some are there to inject joy and experience. Others are there to teach you a lesson and remind you of just how privileged you are. There is no need for you to feel empty or lonely when the relationship is over because what comes next will bring with it, its own experiences.”

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