Some People Come into our Lives for a Reason

Have you ever notices how some people come into our lives for a reason?

Earth angels do exist but do you recognise them when they show up in your life? When you’re facing different situations in you life have you ever noticed how people show up at the right moment.

It maybe as simple an experience as when you are walking down the street feeling under the weather and there just so happens to be someone walking in the opposite direction whose smile warms your heart and lifts your mood. Or what about when you’re running against the clock and a colleague surprisingly lends a hand, helping you to beat the deadline.

Not all earth angels bring such obvious experiences. Some bring lessons rather than immediate blessings. In my new book The Path To Purpose Passion and Perseverance I discuss how these lessons are similar to the way a bunch of roses need time to open to display their full beauty. These blessings require  time for you to take to appreciate the beauty of the outcome. They need time to mature for the whole plan to be revealed.

What lessons have you learned from delayed blessings?

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