Some People Come into Our Lives for a Lifetime

There are relationship that are meant to last a lifetime; parents, siblings, spouses and best friends. So, it is important to work on ourselves to make sure these relationships can stand the test of time.

We all know the importance of surrounding ourselves with the right people throughout our lifetime and has a positive impact on our health and wellbeing. There are however, people who are continually in the background, popping up in your life or memory in your greatest time of need. These are the people that are meant to with you for a lifetime. These people often play a huge role in our life lessons; the good and the not so good. The way we view these lessons influence the way we approach similar situations.

In my new book The Path To Enthusiasm, I talk about how the people who have made significant contributions to your greatest life lessons and how you can use these lessons to create better future outcomes. If we can learn from these lessons we can improve our future experiences.

Who has been your biggest influence and how has this experience improved your life?


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