Stuck in a rut?

We can get stuck in a rut sometimes with our day to day activities. Having a routine is great, having a To-Do list can help but have you ever stopped and asked yourself why?

Why are you doing the things you do?

Without a big enough WHY we can either lose the enthusiasm to complete the task or do the task with very little effort. The lack of purpose, passion and perseverance can lead to low self esteem and depleted motivation. When it comes to exams your teens are the same. Do they have a big enough why?

My new book The Path To Purpose, Passion and Perseverance explores the importance of having a big enough WHY. Purpose, passion and perseverance have a significant impact on the way we interact with others.

The Path to Purpose, Passion and Perseverance is all about your child and their journey through life. In this book, I explain how purpose, passion and perseverance can shape their lives for the better. This book is a great source of information for your child to decide how they will continue to build their path to success.

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