Leadership or Management?

People often ask if I can help people to become better at leaders. When I dig deeper into what the desired outcome is I realise that they don’t want to be leaders at all. What they are really looking for is to become a more effective manager. So, what is the difference between a leader and a manager?

A manager knows how to administer tasks to their team; manage rotas, workload, short term plans, gather statistics and present them in a way that reflects the best of the team whilst outlining areas for improvement. In short a manager gets things done.

A leader knows when to do the right thing. They focus is on the team rather than structure. Leaders are innovating and full of original ways to tackle and create ideas. They are able to inspire their troops to willingly do their part for the greater good. By asking the questions and challenging the status quo they are able to see the bigger picture rallying genuine supporters along the way.

So which are you; Manager or Leader?

In my new book The Path To Success I discuss how manager and leader work best together. If there were only leaders there would be no one to follow, therefore there wouldn’t be a need to lead. There again if we were all managers production would stop. There would be no one to do anything and no experts to get things done.

Our unique strengths must therefore be recognised as an important piece of the big picture. Whatever it is you are good at, it is a support to those who do not have your gift. A leader will recognise that potential and make you shine like the star that you are. A leader, though they posses so many qualities, will also seek the horizons of their own future, filled with leaders to guide them along their path.

Get your copy of The Path To Success   and see how you can create a working partnership between you the leader and you the manager.

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