What’s on Your Christmas List?


Don’t wrap for me any golden chains,
or things that glitter and shine.
Don’t gift me with the things of life,
that soon fade away with time.
Don’t spend your time roaming the shops,
while on your mind is a trial;
For what to choose and what to buy,
or “is this really in style?”

Don’t make my gift look pretty with bows;
to wrap becomes a tire.
For all these things are torn away
and end up in the fire.
Don’t busy yourself from one day to next,
with wondering my needs or wants.
All I ask on my Christmas list,
is more than material flaunts.

Tie up my present with arms wrapped about me,
and listening ears that hear.
Be with me inside of your heart,
throughout, from year to year.
Busy yourself with the giving of love,
and sharing your time and deeds.
The gift of yourself and your arms reaching out,
will forever fill all of my needs.

‘My Christmas List’ by Stephanie Rowe

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