Dinner with the Family

No matter your definition of family, there is something to be said about sitting down and having a meal together. When was the last time you and your family did this?

Food has the ability to make people relax and become more open to sharing their adventures, ideas and experiences. It’s amazing just how much you can learn about your children or your spouse at the dinner table.

It is a known fact that most of what we take in and understand is not verbal. Watching the body language of your family around the dining room table is a great way to appreciate their mannerisms. It’s also a great place of guidance for you to adjust your management of the household.

In my new book The Path to Energy I outline the major factors effecting students and the impact it has on their learning and the quality of their relationships. Food is chemistry and our bodies are one big chemical factory, so of course snacks and meal times should be taken seriously to maximise the potential of productive minds.

If you’re wondering what to cook to entice everyone to join you at the table, take a look at the recipes in our book entitled You and Your Child the Path to Success. You’ll find quick and easy meals that the whole family will enjoy and the kids will have fun making. Better still they are all made with healthy fresh ingredients. So they are good for the heart and soul.

Your challenge for the next 7 days is to make constructive observations at meal times and appreciate the qualities in others.


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