5 Top Tips to Get Your Kids Eating Healthy over the Holiday season

During the holiday season the last thing we think about is healthy eating. Did you know it’s easier to eat healthy over the holidays than most weeks of the year?

The main focus over the holidays for most families is the feast. A table laden a huge roast bird with all the trimmings and chutney and pickles, followed by a heavy stodgy Christmas pudding, chocolates and coffee laced with liqueurs.

As nice as that may sound, it’s a definite combination that piles on the pounds and deteriorates health. That doesn’t have to be the case this year. It’s all about choice.

  • Keeping healthy festive snacks around will help and keep you fuller for longer. Try having a few nuts, melon trees or a few pegs of tangerine.
  • Pile on the steamed veg and cut down on the meats. Roast parsnips are sweet enough without having to drown them in sticky sweet sauces. Char-grilled chilli sprouts can really jazz your taste buds.
  • Opting for white meat rather than red is much healthier. A few thin slices of turkey breast works better than a whole turkey leg.
  • If you really must have a pudding, control your portion size and spread your servings throughout the holidays. However you could always try making a fruity yogurt and jelly loaf, it’s scrumptious and rivals any festive dessert.
  • Sharing is caring. There may be plenty to go around so there’s no need to fill your plate to the ceiling. There are other people at the table who also like to eat. The smaller your portions the less likely you are to suffer from tummy aches and bloating later on.

In my new book The Path To Energy I show you how you can get your kids eating healthy throughout the year. Replacing bad habits with healthy options is crucial. To read all about it pre-order your copy today.

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