Are you a river or a reservoir?

What’s the difference between a river and a reservoir?

Reservoirs are large holding spaces which usually for artificial or natural water reserves. The water comes in and is stagnant. The medical world uses the same term and is used to describe a source of further infection.

Rivers are large natural streams of flowing water. Water flows in from the source and water flows out from the mouth. There is constant movement in a river. This means that the bed under the surface or an object floating on top of the river is shifted from one place to another place.

Think of the way you behave in different situations. Are you more like a reservoir or a river? In my new book The Path To Success I explain how rivers and reservoirs work in our personal lives.

Take your relationship with money as an example. If you are a reservoir, no matter where or what your source of income it only benefits you. If you are more like a river, your resources are used to benefit yourself and others. A river enables you to grow and provide for others. It also enables you to assist others in their lives.

Both parties in this case, a river will have moved to a higher emotional space. Whereas those in the case of the reservoir are opposites; one living in lack the other in luxury.

It is probably easier for people to share knowledge and care than it is to give away money these days but you don’t have to be a reservoir. You can share what you know with others to help them in a difficult spot. You can be a river compassion by doing for others what someone had once done for you.

So, are you a river or a reservoir?

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