Breakthrough Barriers

We have all experienced setbacks, especially when trying to keep our resolutions. So, how can we breakthrough these barriers?

This is part four in our series. Before moving on to the next step please make sure you have;

  1. Read the previous blogs
  2. Written your list of wants
  3. Selected and created your top three or top five list

If you have not done the above, please go back and complete these steps before continuing. Then click here for today’s download.

By now you should now have a list of want to’s. We have probably been wanting to do these things for a long time and they haven’t come to fruition yet. So, what makes us think we’ll achieve them now? This is where we really need to be honest with ourselves. Take a look at your list and ask yourself ‘Why don’t I have these things already?’

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Write down all the reasons you can think of that got in your way when you tried to achieve these things before. Write down the things that you feel will stop you from getting there this time. If this is the first time you have really tried to reach this goal, write down all the things you can think of that might stop you or things that people may say and do that could slow down your progress. These are the things we call obstacles.

Let us consider the Olympics for a moment. There is a track race that involves hurdles. It is a race full of obstacles. The sprinters don’t see these hurdles as a problem and say ‘Oh well, there’s no point I’ll never get to the end, there’s just too much stuff in the way’ If they did, it wouldn’t be a very exciting race would it. You have to start thinking like a disciplined athlete. They don’t see the hurdles as sticking points. They see the obstacles and plan their pace. If we can see where we are likely to face disruption and delay we can create a contingency plan to get us back on track. In short, we can set ourselves up to win.

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Our journey is not meant to go smoothly but we are meant to continue wisely.

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