Do you have to have a title to be a leader?

To be a leader you must have followers. However, leadership comes with many responsibilities and has many guises. You may see your work superiors as leaders. They may be Directors, CEOs or Senior Management. You may regard those in community service as leaders such as Doctors, Professors, Nurses and Officers.

When you think about it, all of these examples are titles; a label given to a person who does the job. These examples give us an understanding of the position the person holds within the organisation.

That being the case, what we were to look at the title and position called Mother? Do you hold the same regard for them? The only title and position a woman named Teresa had was Mother and what a leader she was.

In my new book The Path To Purpose Passion and Perseverance I talk about how being a leader is more about how you make a positive impact on other peoples lives than anything else. Large or small, there is no certificate, title or position that can confirm your ability to lead. Leadership is demonstrated not accumulated.

So what qualities do you think make a great leader?

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