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April is here and Easter is over but how was your bank holiday? A typical Easter bank holiday usually goes something like this…

After the obligatory bargain hunting at every store with a ‘sale’ sign in the window, the family gather around the dining table sharing a feast with a favourite dish for everyone somewhere in the spread. Conversations flow and compliments fly toward the chef. But how many of your table guests actually thought about the preparation that had gone into the fine arrangement that was put before them?

Preparation is king. If you had not prepared, I very much doubt that things would have gone so smoothly. Conversation would have turned to criticism and your thoughts would have aligned themselves with what could have been done. The tiresome phrase ‘If only’ would have been playing on your mind like a broken record.

Preparation gives you time to see the big picture. It gives you a chance to figure out a solution before the problem has time to rear its ugly head. It allows you to celebrate and share the joy when it’s all over.

May is only a few weeks away and GCSEs exams will soon be here. Start preparing now. See the bigger picture. Help your child keep on track even when things seem tough. Stay calm, have patience and praise them for the things they are doing well. Be on their team. You can plan that end of exam celebration knowing they have done as well as they are capable of doing.

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