Read the Road

Whilst having coffee with a friend we got to talking about driving. We are both very use to driving long distances, criss-crossing motorways on a regular basis, so it was no surprise that we had a lot of stories to exchange. As the discussion went on, I noticed she was getting more and more irate, especially with those who she had decided could not read the road.

‘What is it with these people?’ she asked ‘you give them plenty of space and time so they can avoid the obstacles and they choose to wait till the last minute, endangering themselves and all the other drivers, taking unnecessary risks. It really is inconsiderate behaviour’ she huffed.

I started to digest her words and thought about where else this, not so bizarre, behaviour shows up in life. How many times have we chosen not to take an opportunity that had been offered to us, only to find in our time of desperation that we really should have taken it? Why do some people make it a habit to leave high risk decisions to the last minute, when they know there is a possibility of losing everything through short-sightedness?

I’m sure the answer can only be given by each individual. I don’t think there is a general rule that will fit all ways of thinking. I do however, think we should consider the metaphorical road ahead of us. How and why we make decisions determines the outcome and hence the experiences we can expect.

Take the upcoming GCSEs as an example. If we consider how we can help our children through this tough academic and emotional time right now, we can make it an easier and less painful process. If we leave things till the last minute; the night before the first exam, emotions are bound to be high on both sides, leading to collision and added pressure.

It is time to read the road, plan ahead, see a way through and build for a brighter tomorrow.

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