How to Beat Exam Stress – Part 1

Students can feel as though they are under a lot of pressure during exam season. It may be hard for them to get motivated. Fear of failing may stop them from revising. Living up to the success of older siblings may also add to the pressure. To ease exam stress over the coming weeks here are five top tips for students to follow.

1. Distraction Free Zone

When studying, get rid of all distractions. That means putting your phone on silent or switching it off completely. Resist the temptation to check your Facebook, Twitter or other social media accounts. The TV should be off or at the very least have the volume as low as possible. Distractions will take you away from your mission which in this case is to revise. Make time for these distractions during your breaks. You only have to do without them during revision time, not forever so train yourself to do without.

2. Create a Revision Timetable

Planning your time will give you the freedom to set your breaks and your social time. Let me explain. If you know what time and how long you need to study, you will also know when you are not studying and what you want to do during the times you are not studying. Penny dropped? Setting your study time will make sure you get the work done. Setting your breaks and social time will give you something to look forward to.

3. Listen to Soothing Music

To create a productive and mood lifting environment listen to soothing music such as classical, instrumental, choir or sounds of nature. This will increase your motivation, allow you to work through difficult revision questions and help you overcome exam stress.

4. Step Happy

Don’t spend all your time sat at your desk revising. Take your revision on the road. A brisk walk will clear the brain fog and re-energise you. Take you mobile phone with you and listen to audio books, watch video lessons or play revision games. This will keep you interested in learning as you get further into your exams.

5. Chocolate

Yes, chocolate but not any old chocolate and not tons of it. A reasonable amount of dark chocolate can reduce stress. Dark chocolate is made up of more than 70% cocoa. It is a known fact that dark chocolate combats the stress hormone by releasing endorphins which makes you feel much more relaxed. A small square every now and then will see you through.

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