How to Beat Exam Stress – Part 2

Now that the exams are well under way your child may be getting frustrated with the amount of revision they feel they need to do. It may be difficult for them to maintain the enthusiasm to commit to a balanced study routine. A lot of students feel guilty if they take time out to relax and suffer from burn out just before an exam. To ease the stress over the coming weeks and understand why relaxing is so important during exam season here are five tips for students to follow.

1. Sleep Well – Honestly the benefits of a proper night’s sleep should not be taken for granted. Sleep is really important when you are trying to plant knowledge into your long-term memory. The brain will be able to recall information more easily on exam day if you get enough quality sleep. It is hard to concentrate when you are half asleep. Sleep well and you will be able to focus and retain more information for longer.

2. Apps a Daisy – Your mobile phone is full of apps. Question is, how many of them are actually useful to you during your exams? Apps that are going to be very useful to you at this time are the ones that help you get better organised, improve your mental maths skills, improve your spelling and grammar and train your brain. Using your phone to help you revise will make revision more enjoyable and seem less like work.

3. Do You Mind – Relaxing your mind after a hard day’s work is an effective way to relieve stress. Meditating for a few minutes at a time several times a day will give you a lighter perspective and extra vigour for the work that needs to be done. Meditation will not only relax you but it will also help you to increase your focus, improve your mental health and reduce physical and mental stress

4. Let it Go – Having an honest talk is the best way to let out the tension but sometimes you need a little more than that. Singing to your favourite track at the top of your lungs or letting out a loud scream feels so invigorating. However, you might want to warn family, friends and neighbours before you do this. Whatever it is you are feeling frustrated about don’t bottle it up – let it go.

5. What in the World – Have you ever found yourself asking ‘When am I ever going to need this?’ Successful students recognise that learning is not about reading books and regurgitating information for an exam. Learning is about gaining an understanding of knowledge and applying it to the world around you. True, you may never use that particular piece of information ever again but look around you. Someone needed to learn all about angles to hold your shelves up. Someone needed to pay attention in physics class to make your mobile phone work as quickly as it does. So next time you find yourself rolling your eyes remember these three words; Learn, Apply, Appreciate.

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