Be realistic

By now you should have a long list of all the things you want to achieve. Were you able to complete this in one go? Or did you add to it day by day? Or both? Hopefully once you got into the swing of it you realised that listing these things truly energised you and the list probably became endless.

This week we need to concentrate on just a few things from the list. Given your attachment to your list this may be a difficult task. So, how do we decide what to choose?

  1. Put an asterisk * against each of the things you feel you will be able to achieve in the next 30 days
  2. Read through your selection and circle the ones that excite you
  3. Read through your new selection and separate the ones you can see yourself doing; the ones that make all five senses tingle

These three simple steps should have reduced your list significantly. Repeat these three steps until you have reduced your list to your top three or top five. Now you will be able to rank your top list and decide what you’d like to work on first.

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You have now made a realistic achievable list of things you want to do.

Having a list of things we want to do is great but we also need to know why we want to do them. When we know why, we have a motive to complete the job. For example to drop a dress size or quit smoking are what a lot of people want to do but not knowing why will make it easy for them to give up. In these cases the why could be as simple as feeling more confident in the suit they want to wear to that interview or using the money saved not buying cigarettes to get themselves out of debt. These reasons will keep them motivated. Knowing your why is an important part of successful goal setting. So go ahead and complete your assignment today.

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