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Calling all parents!

Guide your child to success. Want to be a more proactive parent and have a positive impact on your child’s learning? Want to be an effective parent and improve your child’s chances of getting great exam results? It’s all here in this neat little book. To find out more click here: You and Your Child the Path to Success

Read the Road

Whilst having coffee with a friend we got to talking about driving. We are both very use to driving long distances, criss-crossing motorways on a regular basis, so it was no surprise that we had a lot of stories to exchange. As the discussion went on, I noticed she was getting more and more irate, especially with those who she…

Be realistic

By now you should have a long list of all the things you want to achieve. Were you able to complete this in one go? Or did you add to it day by day? Or both? Hopefully once you got into the swing of it you realised that listing these things truly energised you and the list probably became endless.…

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