3 Reasons You Need to Supplement

Hi! it’s your health and wellness coach Dee here. I was discussing nutrition with a few of my counterparts and it really struck me just how little we think about what goes in and out of our bodies.

Here’s the thing…. you eat a well balanced diet, you workout and you drink plenty of water.  So, all in all you look after yourself pretty well. But every now and then you suffer with migraines, cramps or something a little more serious but your doctor cannot work out quite why because you don’t fit the normal “overweight/under-active” bracket.

Its all very well to eat well and stay as fit and healthy as you can but you’ll be surprised to know that you’re still not getting all the nutrients your body requires on a day to day basis. There are a number of reasons why we should supplement our diet and I could bang on about it all day but I shall spare you the agony…….

1   Our Diet Is Not Adequate Enough

It is impossible in this day and age to receive all the nutrients we need for optimal functioning from our food alone.  Crucial minerals from the soil are almost fully depleted from the earth so trace minerals such as chromium are almost non-existent.  Most of our fruit is coated with wax to preserve.  Most of us overcook our food to the point that almost no nutritional value is left. We drink carbonated drinks which prevents absorption of vital nutrients. But we already know this right.

2   We Sweat Out Nutrients

You workout every single day.  You go for a long jog.  Crossfit is your thing. You cannot go one day without going to the gym to lift heavy.  Whatever your choice of keeping fit we are bound to perspire at some point during that workout session so what do you do? You reach for your electrolyte drink.  Whooppp whoppp so you’ve just replaced between 2-6 of the 100 or so nutrients that your body has just lost through sweating.  How many athletes do you know who have lived to over 100 years old?  Not many because as fit and healthy as they are they sweat profusely, lose all the nutrients the body needs but never think to replace more than 6 of them.  Usually these drinks only contain sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium and maybe bicarbonate, chloride and phosphate in the better known brands. This is all very well as we need electrolytes to help carry voltages across cell membranes between our cells.  What about the other minerals we have lost?  How are you going to replace those?

3   Deficiencies Cause Health Issues

Take this one how you want to but if you are severely deficient in one or more vital vitamin, mineral, amino acid or essential fatty acid your body will without a doubt throw warning signs at you.  Whether that’s suffering from headaches/migraines regularly, digestion issues, blood sugar problems, cardio vascular disease.  I could go on but you get the gist. Yes, you could put these health concerns down to other factors such as the environment, diet, genes etc but essentially you are missing a vital nutrient in your body if not many without you being aware.

So how many nutrients do we need to thrive left alone survive?

In short we need :

  • 60 minerals
  • 16 vitamins
  • 12 essential amino acids
  • Essential fatty acids 3, 6 and 9

So at the basic scale we need 90 essential nutrients every day for optimal functioning of our god given temples.

Ok, ok, I know what you’re thinking – “how can I get all 90 nutrients in one package and how much will it cost?” The last thing I would want you to do is go out and buy every vitamin and mineral you can get your hands on and end up with 15 bottles of supplements in your cupboard.  The idea of taking that many capsules a day……gulp!!!

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